Extreme Kleaner Launches New Mobile App for Customers

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Extreme Kleaner Launches New Mobile App for Customers

Source: To Address The Growing Market Demand Of The Extreme Kleaner Product Line, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. Has Released A New Mobile App Aimed At Giving A More User Friendly And Convenient Experience To Customers.

The Extreme Kleaner brand of green cleaning products from Extreme Energy Solutions has achieved notable growth, especially over the last several months in particular. Extreme Kleaner is a nontoxic biodegradable cleaning product line which includes an multi-purpose cleaner- degreaser and window cleaner, both made in the USA.

Extreme Kleaner was first offered online directly on the Extreme Kleaner website, then shortly after, it was sold on Amazon. In 2013 and 2014, local New Jersey and North Eastern retailers began to offer the green cleaner in their stores. By year end 2015, Extreme Kleaner was available in several hardware store chains, auto parts stores, and food stores coast to coast in various states. 2016 brought many new opportunities for Extreme Kleaner including both a number of coops and larger big box retailers taking on the product. 2017 carries the momentum by opening up with the launch of Extreme Kleaner in Menards.

Steady growth in market share has resulted in Extreme Kleaner now being available in a number of selected independently owned retailer locations nationwide, including many hardware stores, auto parts stores, grocery markets, and variety stores. Brand stores that now offer Extreme Kleaner include: Hardware Hanks, Trustworthy Hardware, Golden Rule Lumber, Ranch and Pet Supply, other stores affiliated with United Hardware, selected NAPA Auto Parts, selected

Ace Hardware stores, selected True Value Hardware stores, stores affiliated with C&S Wholesale Grocers, and now Menards.

Menards, one of the largest home improvement chains in the MidWest, now stocks Extreme Kleaner in all of its 300 plus retail locations and also offer the ecofriendly cleaner in their online store.

“We are very grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to partner with Menards. This was one of our long term goals for our company and for Extreme Kleaner, and we have found the Menards team to be very helpful and knowledgeable,” commented Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc.

Extreme Energy Solutions has opted not to be left behind in the mobile app movement. They are now joining the ranks of the majority of businesses that are seizing the opportunity to increase customer engagement, revenue and brand awareness.

“With the rapid market adoption of the Extreme Kleaner product line, the next logical step was to create a mobile app for the product to enhance the customer experience. This new tool allows us to offer the customer more ease and convenience of service and it also provides a platform for us to increase customer engagement which helps foster community and build more brand loyalty” commented Jeff Smith, Communications Director of Extreme Energy Solutions.

The Extreme Kleaner mobile app is now available for download and use at the iTunes / Apple Store as well as the Google Play / Android store.

Customers who install the app can expect many benefits. They can order product right from the app, they can easily access the company’s social media and brand websites, locate a nearby retailer, and receive special coupons, discounts and promotions, as well as several other benefits.

Just like 20 years ago, when companies that did not create a website for their business were quickly left behind in the market, business is experiencing a similar revolution today with mobile apps. Companies and brands that do not have a mobile app available to their customers are quickly being left behind. The vast majority of internet use today is through mobile devices. Extreme Energy Solutions wanted to stay ahead of the curve and offer a user friendly mobile app

for Extreme Kleaner right when the product was starting to take off in popularity with national chains and suppliers.

During 2016, the Extreme Kleaner team made a “Tour of Stores” road trip where they visited many retailers including the United Hardware family Hardware Hanks, and other retailers such as Ace Hardware and True Value to deliver product, set up instore promotions and spread the word of Extreme Kleaner’s availability.

2017 will also include a Tour of Stores, where the Extreme Kleaner markting team will again take to the road for dozens of instore visits and promotional appearances. However, this year they will have an additional value to offer their customers. The mobile app is expected to tie in seamlessly with existing promotions and marketing campaigns, including the successful motorsports sponsorship program.

The Extreme Kleaner mobile app is expected to be utilized vigorously this year by fans of the brand. Extreme Energy Solutions plans on maximizing the use of this tool by creating several exciting promotions, special discounts and holding fun contests and drawings for its mobile app users in 2017.


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