“I purchased Extreme Kleaner several months ago and I have to tell you how much I LOVE it. As the owner of Monkeydoodles Playroom, I am sure you can imagine how hard it is for me to keep my toys, slides, soft mats, etc. clean and as germ free as
possible. Because my playroom is designed for only children ages 0 to 4, I must also consider the fact that everything goes into their mouths as well.”
Maria A. Riso, Owner of Monkeydoodles Playroom, Lake Hopatcong, NJ
“Someone had thrown paint on my neighbor’s car! We were upset. I ran into my apartment and got a special cleaner that I bought on Amazon.com called Extreme Kleaner. We were able to wash the paint right off the car. Extreme Kleaner worked like a charm. I was so happy to help out my neighbor!”
Pat Gelok-Hoffman
“After a long night at the local dirt track, it takes almost all day to clean our machine, however with the help of Extreme Kleaner, we have been able to cut out the majority of the other cleaners we would usually use, and have cut down the time it takes to polish up the race car for the following week. Cleans everything from tire marks to the sticky mud that clings to the car from the track. I love winning with Extreme Kleaner!”
Tommy Vigh Jr., Veteran Race Car Driver, Orange County Fair Speedway
“Great product for cleaning! Cuts through grease well. Even cleans off old stuck on grease/grime. Highly recommended!!!”
Laura Lynne, Mom and Wife dedicated to a healthy environment for her family, New York
“I was looking for something to clean my bar stool cushions
for so long. Now I use Extreme Kleaner and makes them look
like new!”
Lorraine Picone
“I used Extreme Kleaner on my light beige carpet for spot cleaning. It was great. After spraying directly onto the soiled spot and let set for about 3 minutes, I used a light colored cloth to massage the area. The spot was totally gone. I vacuumed and that spot looked like new. Now, I have the opportunity to clean the whole room to make it look new as it did new. Thanks Extreme Kleaner. By the way, I detected no odor, which is important for my allergies. I look forward to new purchases”
Beverly White, BKW Transformation Group, Piscataway, NJ
“I would be happy to recommend your products because they do what you say they will!!!”
Todd J. Healy, NJ
“This Extreme Kleaner is a great cleaner. I purchased some a year ago and it worked well on everything from cleaning stuff in my bathroom (including grime on the shower and toilet) to kitchen counters. I was especially impressed with how well it cleaned our windowsills. We have large windows that are old and kind of falling apart, with lots of air coming through the sides in which we had to put plastic over them all winter to keep out the cold. When we took the plastic off in the spring- they windowsills and sides of the window were covered with mold and grime that is normally very hard to get off. Was much easier last year using this product. I was very happy with it. And I like using products that are better for the environment- it’s such an important thing to keep in mind these days for the health of the planet and us all. Will be getting some more of this product very soon.”
Shannon Smith, Virgina

Our story: We come from Main Street, not Wall Street...Our Founders are as close to Main Street as they get. With roots as local business owners and local/regional dirt track race car competition, the founders and their staff, have been able to transfer their values and work ethic, competitive spirit and sportsmanship in providing leading innovation, technology, and products aimed to enhance the lives of our human family, while preserving our environment for generations to come. This is why Extreme Kleaner, its parent company, and its team have become leaders in the areas of environmental stewardship and sustainability.