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You can use Extreme Kleaner as a laundry spot remover and pre-treat those pesky stains in the clothing you love. Simply spray a light amount on the soiled area, run the affected area under hot water, then rub the cloth together until you see Extreme Kleaner begin to foam and turn white. Then place the clothing item into your laundry for normal wash. Onced washed, you may place in the dryer as normal. In the event the stain still persist, you may retreat the effected soiled area with Extreme Kleaner as previously directed. Extreme Kleaner may not eliminate every stain, results may vary. Extreme Kleaner…Tough on Grime, Safe on the Environment.

Why Choose Extreme Kleaner

      • NSF Credentials

      • GS1 Partnership Member

      • Patented Formula

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DUNS Number-027670672

What Our Customers Say

“Great product for cleaning! Cuts through grease well. Even cleans off old stuck on grease/grime. Highly recommended!!!”
Laura Lynne, Mom and Wife dedicated to a healthy environment for her family
“I have So Many WONDERFUL things to say about this PRODUCT. I’ve used it to clean Everything from, Heavy Grease build-up on the engine of my car, used it to clean the grime off of my Tire Rims, It also took my infants poop stains off of my living-room carpet that I couldn’t get off with anything else. So Happy. I LOVE THE PRODUCT and am continuing to find new uses for it to replace other cleaners. I love the fact that is is ECO-FRIENDLY and SAFE. This product is well worth the Price I paid for it and will definitely be purchasing more of it. Anybody looking for a All-Purpose Safe Cleaner to Replace the 10 Different Cleaners you already have, I highly recommend this product. AAA+,”
Kolton Kosanke, Environmentalist and Green Enthusiast
“Dear Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., Kudos to you for creating your wonderful, all-purpose cleaner and degreaser called Extreme Kleaner. Due to a recent hip replacement, where I had to walk with a cane and carry items with the other arm, I had numerous food/beverage spills, creating stains on my beige carpet. “Extreme Kleaner” worked like a charm in each case! I have also found it great to use in removing weather-driven spots of moss, mildew, etc. on the outdoor carpeting of my condominium deck. The extra plus for me is the fact that the product is 100% Eco-safe, biodegradable and even more importantly, made in the U.S.A! Thank you Extreme Energy Solutions!”
Ellen D, Retired, Vancouver, WA
“I purchased your Extreme Kleaner several months ago and I have to tell you how much I LOVE it. As the owner of Monkeydoodles Playroom, I am sure you can imagine how hard it is for me to keep my toys, slides, soft mats, etc. clean and as germ free as possible. Because my playroom is designed for only children ages 0 to 4, I must also consider that fact that everything goes into their mouths as well. Previously I was using different cleaners for different jobs, one for plastic toys, a different cleaner for the stuffed animal rockers, and other cleaners for the floors, tables, bathrooms, etc. Ever since I purchased Extreme Cleaner, I now no longer need to purchase different products for each job. I have used your cleaner for everything (except the windows) and it really works great to keeping my playroom clean and looking like new. I found (by accident) that it even removes permanent marker from my vinyl floor, tables and plastic chairs. This product really is a great buy and saves me money too,”
Maria A. Riso, Maria’s Funplace-Monkey Doodles

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