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Extreme Kleaner can be purchased at a number of locations. You can purchase the product online directly from our site (insert link); on Amazon, Keep America, OR you can purchase the product in person at a number of selected retailer and/or grocery store locations that carry the product. For a location near you go to (insert link) for a listing of places that carry Extreme Kleaner.

Key ingredients to be aware of and avoid when purchasing a green cleaner are Butoxyethanol, a known carcinogen; Tetra Potassium Pyrophosphate, is known as a severe irritant to the skin and eyes; chemical Dyes have been linked to cancer, and can be toxic to animals, and are slow break down; Alcohol is known to create respiratory issues and irritate skin, in addition it is flammable and can act as an aggressive solvent which may damages surfaces in the home; Synthetic Fragrances can attack the central nervous system and is a known depressant, also known to effect the respiratory system and skin; Ethoxylates are found in petroleum based cleaning agents, and may pose a threat to marine life; and Petrochemical Solvents are known to be toxic, harmful to one’s health.

Your home should be treated as your sanctuary, a place that should be deemed a safe and healthy environment. By switching to a non-toxic biodegradable cleaner you will be enhancing your home environment in eliminating a number of toxic chemicals usually found in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and basement. The chemicals omit harmful emissions as they are stored; and are also omitted into the atmosphere when they are released into the air either via arousal or spray bottle. To limit one’s exposure to harmful chemicals it is best to replace those cleaning agents with product that is less harmful. Also you will be lessening your impact in the environment when using a non-toxic biodegradable product.

You will discover that today’s non-toxic biodegradable cleaners and degreasers are highly effective in addressing tough jobs where dirt and grime have accumulated. Not all projects require a harsh chemical to clean up a surface. Some green cleaners are formulated to handle even the most challenging of task. We have witnessed green cleaning products handle projects at home, office, shop, ant at commercial-industrial business locations. Extreme Kleaner is even a favorite in among stock car race car drivers in tackling tough grease and grime in cleaning a race car after a days’ worth the competition.

The science behind cleaning in general is that soap is not what cleans the surface of an object, it is the water molecule that actually cleans the surface of an object. Chemical agents such as soap or laundry detergent’s main function is to aggravate the water molecule into its smallest form so that the water molecule can penetrate into the tiniest of pours of the surface in which it is in contact with to extract the dirt or grime out of that surface. Cleaners work in similar fashion where the chemical compounds have been designed to react with the surface in which they come into contact with, thus expediting the cycle in which one can wipe a up the surface.

Extreme Kleaner qualifies as a “green” cleaner because it does not contain chemicals contained on the harmful chemical agent list. These chemicals were mentioned in the question “chemicals to avoid.” The agents used to formulate Extreme Kleaner are found in nature, and are not volatile. Though they have been processed, their base can be traced back to elements that are not harmful to most environments. We have performed independent third party lab testing on our product, which has proven our claim that our product is non-toxic and is biodegradable.

Extreme Kleaner has been tested by the National Sanitation Federation (NSF) and qualified for their Nonfood Compounds Program Listed as a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner-degreaser. Reg #147501 in Category A1 and A8.

Our story: We come from Main Street, not Wall Street...Our Founders are as close to Main Street as they get. With roots as local business owners and local/regional dirt track race car competition, the founders and their staff, have been able to transfer their values and work ethic, competitive spirit and sportsmanship in providing leading innovation, technology, and products aimed to enhance the lives of our human family, while preserving our environment for generations to come. This is why Extreme Kleaner, its parent company, and its team have become leaders in the areas of environmental stewardship and sustainability.