Cleaning Tips

Extreme Kleaner is a non-toxic biodegradable mutli-purpose cleaner-degreaser designed and formulated with the environment in mind. It is an effective cleaner that has been known to tackle some of the toughest dirt, grease, and grime; including for the uses of cleaning mold & mildew residue, neutralizes odors, and is 100% biodegradable providing peace of mind with less of an environmental impact compared to other “green cleaner” brands. Contains no VOC’s, Potassium or Sodium, Hydroxide, or Phosphates.

Safe On Most Surfaces

1. Sanitize your Sponges:

Most people get grossed out by sponges.

Tip One

2. Kitchen Cabinet Gunk:

Your kitchen is one of the most highly utilized areas.

Tip Two

3. Small Toys:

Your child and their friends will put toys threw many tests.

Tip Three

4. Ceiling Fans:

Ceiling fans are notorious for collecting dust.

Tip Four

5. Collecting All that Pet Hair:

Pets leave behind hair everywhere.

Tip Five

6. Wash Your Pillows:

Your pillow cases  and pillows collect residual matter while you sleep.

Tip Six

7. Preventive Maintenance in the Shower:

Soap scum can build up in the cracks of the old grout in bathroom tiles.

Tip Seven

8. Cleaning that Outdoor Grill:

Summertime allows us to bring out the grill.

Tip Eight

9. Removing Hard Water Stains:

That white build up around faucets and fixtures…

Tip Nine

10. Cleaning a Vacuum Cleaner Filter:

Vacuum cleaning filters  are expensive…

Tip Ten

11. Cleaning your Mattress:

Spread baking soda on your mattress…

Tip Elevan

12. Vehicle Rims and Wheels:

Car rims can get gummed up with brake dust

Tip Twelve

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