Cleaning Green

As humans, it is important that we have ownership pride about the environment in which we call home. The fact that we can control the majority of the conditions in which we reside is one of the great things that makes us so different from all of the living creatures on the planet. Our society had transitioned through many phases, including the era when toxic chemicals once dominated the real estate in our closets and cabinets. Today, we have yet again more choices available to us in the area of eco friendly cleaning products, allowing us to live a greener lifestyle, lessening our harmful impact on the environment. Extreme Kleaner is just one of those choices available.

Eco cleaning is a practice that has caught on with new age individuals. The hippies of yesterday have turned into conscience consumers of sustainable products and services that provide a benefit back to mother nature. Millennials have also joined in their footsteps, reserving their purchases and spending their disposable income on items that have a positive social impact. Both demographics are turning to natural cleaners, green cleaners, and environmentally friendly practices that preserve quality of life in and out of the home. Products such as Extreme Kleaner, Thieves, Myers, sales have spiked, forcing chemical companies to rethink their brand strategies.  Some individuals prefer to make their own cleaners at home from lemon, salt, and/or vinegar.

Keep the environment in mind when choosing cleaning products for your home, office, business, shop, school, or industrial facility!

Even in home decor and design, this demographic is rethinking how they wish to live. Many have abandoned the idea of carpet, eliminating the need for carpet shampoo; and replacing carpet for tile and hardwood floors. Money spent on rug cleaning long term balances out the return on investment into tile and hardwood floors. Some people still utilize area rugs to accent a room, however service out the area rug cleaning to an outside firm. Just in maintaining many carpeted surfaces, made home cleaning a major event. One must ask what their time is worth, and is it better to hire an outside cleaning service to deal with such tasks.

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Some cleaning services have replaced harsh chemicals with old fashioned formulas of their own. Apple Cider or white distilled vinegar cleaning has taken over as some of the leading fluids used by cleaning crews whom have switched to more eco friendly alternatives. There is a trend with younger home owners to avoid harmful toxic chemicals in fear that they will have an effect on their children; becoming airborne when the chemicals are exposed to the atmosphere impacting air quality and water supply. More green cleaning products are making their way to the shelves of grocery and hardware stores every year. Just a few years ago the choices were few. Today there is a wide selection of green cleaning products, from cleaners to degreasers, from laundry detergent to specialty cleaners, more organic, natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, products are out flanking the typical cleaning chemicals.

Even at the sink, toilet, and shower, you can now find replacement for liquid soap, as more people are adopting other was to clean dishes, and stationary devices. Washing soda, vinegar, lemon, and even herbal concoctions, have become common place as people vacate traditional commercial soaps, stove cleaners, tile cleaners, that usually contain toxic agents. Though there is no replacement for a product that can effectively sterilize an environment where germs, bacteria, and or viruses can generate and form, there are alternatives to how we address these concerns.  Cleaning with baking soda can do some of the same things that harsh chemicals can do. Bathroom cleaner typical for cleaning tile and toilets can be replaced with one of the mentioned alternatives or a cleaner like Extreme Kleaner; that contains no volatile organic compounds, increasing safety in the home.

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There have been progress made in the areas of the shop, garage, car and boat. There are many polishes and waxes out there, and it is true some natural agents may harm paint finishes, however there are companies that offer soaps, degreasers, and cleaners that can be applied to washing your car, where the soap and cleaners can be safely rinsed off and can flow down the drain without any ill effects to wildlife or water supplies. Make sure the product you choose does not contain any phosphates, potassium or sodium hydroxide, or VOC’s as these compounds are harmful to fish, animals, water supply, and other aquatic life.

Extreme Kleaner is a proud sponsor of Project Help, an organization that helps displaced, disabled, and disavantaged Veterans and their families.

Keep the environment in mind when choosing cleaning products for your home, office, business, shop, school, or industrial facility!

-From the folks at Extreme Kleaner

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