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Extreme Kleaner Glass Tile and More Now Available

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., has done it again. First, they introduced Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments to the market in late of 2009 early 2010. Then the company brought to market the Smart Emissions Reducer. By 2012 it now had leasing options of equipment it offered through Fleet Worx Leasing LLC. In 2013, Sidewinder ATV was now available for the off-road enthusiast who enjoyed a safe specialty vehicle for recreational use. Extreme Kleaner Multi-Purpose non-toxic biodegradable cleaner-degreaser began to show up on the shelves of selected retailers to the likes of True Value and Ace Hardware Stores in 2014.

For 2015, Extreme Energy Solutions now adds to its product offerings Extreme Kleaner Glass Tile and More non-toxic biodegradable cleaner degreaser as a follow up to the multi-purpose cleaner degreaser. The product is a similar formula, however designed for use on sensitive surfaces such as windows, mirrors, plastics, countertops, windshields, and more.

Following in similar fashion, it is no surprise that Extreme Kleaner Glass, Tile and More is also environmentally friendly. Extreme Kleaner Glass Tile and More is comes in a 32 ounce spray bottle and maintains the same price point as its cousin, at $7.95 MSRP, available on-line and at selected retailers.

Extreme Energy Solutions is offering a special promotion, where the first 100 people who go to
http://www.extremekleaner.com/contact/ and send the promotional code in the message area “Get Greener with Extreme Kleaner” will receive a free sample of the product by the company. Participants are required to provide a mailing address in order to receive their free sample.

Extreme Kleaner has received multiple positive reviews on Amazon.com, where the product has a complete five star rating from individuals whom have purchased and liked the product.

Kevin Harrigan writes, “Awesome product that is universal without the toxicity,”

“I used this product all over the bathroom and had great results. It took off, all of the black mold off the corners of a tile shower. It also easily wiped away all soap scum and dust. It also worked very well cleaning the oven and stove. I am very happy to be using a 100% biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning product in these areas. Thanks Extreme Kleaner,” added Austin Eames.

Extreme Kleaner recently received endorsements from New Jersey Stock Car driver Ron Constable and by Schmitty the Weather dog.

“I have personally used the product for cleaning up the race car and our tools, and I have to say that Extreme Kleaner is a great product. Before accepting the sponsorship deal, I wanted to make sure the product really worked. To my surprise it is the best product I have used in cleaning the dirt and grime after a night of racing at the dirt track,” Constable contributed.

“The product, Extreme Kleaner, is crazy good, and I would only partner with a product and a company that is safe for the planet and my two-legged and four-legged family,” offered Elly McGuire, Author of “Schmitty the Weather Dog”

When asked about what she thought about Extreme Kleaner, Schmitty the Weather Dog responded by giving it a four paws up.

The company, Extreme Energy Solutions, was founded in 2008 as a third party research and consulting firm and went live in 2010, offering its own product line up to retail, commercial, and industrial clients alike. Today, Extreme Energy Solutions continues to develop other innovations and technologies at its facility in Ogdensburg, New Jersey.

“In part, what makes our journey so enjoyable is that we all have an opportunity to create value; products and services that solve problems and provide healthier choices to consumers,” claimed Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of the green tech company that is Extreme Energy Solutions, “it’s not every day one gets to go to work every day at a place knowing that the products and services they offer can change the lives of people for the better.”

Burlum has been with the company since its beginning.

“It’s exciting to see the company grow and mature. We are proud of our product and service offerings, and will continue to develop products and technologies that provide environmental and economic sustainability that offer incremental savings.”

A portion of all Extreme Kleaner product sales are set aside to assist community causes that benefit Veterans, STEM education, and the arts.

Extreme Kleaner and its packaging is 100% made in the USA, and has credentials with the National Sanitation Federation.

For more information about Extreme Energy Solutions and Extreme Kleaner can be found at www.ExtremeEnergySolutions.net  andwww.ExtremeKleaner.com

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Our story: We come from Main Street, not Wall Street...Our Founders are as close to Main Street as they get. With roots as local business owners and local/regional dirt track race car competition, the founders and their staff, have been able to transfer their values and work ethic, competitive spirit and sportsmanship in providing leading innovation, technology, and products aimed to enhance the lives of our human family, while preserving our environment for generations to come. This is why Extreme Kleaner, its parent company, and its team have become leaders in the areas of environmental stewardship and sustainability.