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Extreme Kleaner Featured on Mike and Athena Show, Central Valley Talk, Fresno, California

Source: The ever popular green cleaner product, Extreme Kleaner, was featured on Central Valley Talk, media outlet located in Fresno, California, in discussing affordable alternatives to be used in your home or business in addressing your cleaning needs.
Extreme Energy Solutions, located in Sparta, New Jersey, has been on a campaign to promote its green cleaning product alternative, a brand known as Extreme Kleaner that is now available in two formulas: multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser and a glass tile and more formula, both are deemed non-toxic and biodegradable.

Already familiar with Extreme Energy Solutions commitment to provide sustainable products that lessen our impact on the environment, it was by no surprise that Mike & Athena Show, which airs on Central Valley Talk, from Fresno California, invited the Company’s representatives back to chat about Extreme Kleaner.

Extreme Kleaner company representatives were invited to discuss their take on the issue of toxic chemical cleaning agents in the home, while also sharing their innovative product lines and answers with the audience of the Make & Athena Show, which airs on Central Valley Talk. Central Valley Talk is local programing to the Fresno Metro Area and can be found on local cable providers and online, as it airs its content via digital and terrestrial broadcasting.

Extreme Kleaner representatives shared with the Mike and Athena the differences between the Extreme Kleaner and other typical cleaning products found in the home, and how Extreme Kleaner achieves its purpose. The complete interview can be watched by clicking here.

“Extreme Kleaner is safe for children and pets,” commented the Smart Emissions Reducer Company representative, “We have NSF credentials, and those that have tried the product have reported back positive feedback about the product’s effectiveness.”
“When we think of the need to clean a harsh stain, I usually think that I need a strong product to do the job,” commented Mike, of Mike & Athena Show, “How does this product compare?”

“Extreme Kleaner stacks up against the major brands. Extreme Kleaner especially popular because it is a non-toxic biodegradable; and so consumers can feel good they can clean their home with minimal impact upon the environment.”
Extreme Kleaner is available in a number of independently owned Ace Hardware, True Value, Hardware Hank hardware stores, while also available in other independently owned retailer locations such as grocery stores and auto parts stores.
Extreme Kleaner is also available online, as it is sold on Amazon.com. Amazon reports the product has a number of positive reviews with consumers giving the product a five star review.

“We are excited to hear that your company continues to come out with green product offerings, especially when here in the Central Valley where environmental concerns are on everyone’s mind” added Mike from Mike & Athena, Central Valley Talk.
“The product can be used at home, office, and/or in an industrial setting. No matter the cleaning need, this product would be a probable candidate in assisting you with your project. We also now have a formula that addresses glass and windows to make the package complete,” added the Company representative.

Extreme Kleaner recently was welcomed into almost 50 Hardware Hank hardware stores, located throughout ten states. Extreme Energy Solutions, the products parent Company, has planned a “2016 Tour of Stores,” campaign, where Extreme Kleaner product representatives will visit new and current stores nationwide which carry the product, in conjunction with marketing and promotion efforts aimed at creating awareness for consumers to support their local Main Street businesses which carry the product.  This campaign is set to launch in September 2016.

Extreme Kleaner has also been slated for adoption by name brand chain retailers, with a product launch with these retailers in fall of 2016.

Extreme Kleaner has also launched its new updated website, www.ExtremeKleaner.com with more available interactive options for consumers to enjoy; including an updated list of stores of where to purchase Extreme Kleaner, depending on the retailer venue. Other new features of the site include cleaning tips for both household and for business, current coupons and offers, and a schedule of the Official Extreme Kleaner Sponsored Racing Team and profile of the driver, Tommy Vigh Jr.

Extreme Kleaner is the official cleaner of the #92 Sportsman Modified Race Team and veteran driver Tommy Vigh Jr., and is endorsed by Schmitty the Weather Dog whom has given the product a rating of “four paws up!”

Extreme Kleaner is “Made in the USA,” including all of its packaging and parts are sourced from companies located within the borders of the United States. A portion of every sale is dedicated to being donated to a local good cause; that either benefits STEM Education, Veterans in need, and/or in support environmental sustainability.

More videos about Extreme Kleaner can be found at the company’s social media YouTube channel.  Visit www.ExtremeKleaner.com for more information.

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