Extreme Energy Solutions Environmentally Friendly Green Cleaner Product, Extreme Kleaner Launches in Menard’s Stores Nationwide

Extreme Energy Solutions Environmentally Friendly Green Cleaner Product, Extreme Kleaner Launches in Menard’s Stores Nationwide

Source: Extreme Energy Solutions’ Extreme Kleaner expanded its market reach of its non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser when it partnered with Menard’s, and now offers Extreme Kleaner at a Menard’s location near you. Menard’s with over 300 locations across the Midwest now offers Extreme Kleaner in all of its locations.

The folks at Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. have met yet another major benchmark in its launch of Extreme Kleaner, the company’s non-toxic biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser product when Menard’s issued a purchase order, requesting for the green cleaner to be made available in all of its 300 plus locations. Menard’s is the first corporate owned retailer chain to give Extreme Kleaner a try and offer it to its customers.

Menard’s has over 300 locations throughout fourteen different states: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Kentucky. Menard’s ranks third behind Home Depot and Lowes in the home improvement chain retailer category.

Menard’s is a privately held company, founded in 1960 by John Menard, Jr., and specializes in home improvement, home goods, farm and ranch supplies, and building materials. Menard’s operates four distribution warehouses which service the string of Menard’s locations, while maintaining its’ corporate campus in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The retailer that claims, “Save Big Money at Menard’s” has stuck true to its calling by offering Extreme Kleaner at a discounted rate to its’ customers.

Extreme Energy Solutions has launched its marketing campaign to help promote Extreme Kleaner, including a series of print and media advertising, social media campaigns, motorsports marketing campaigns, and new video content highlighting the two available formulas: Extreme Kleaner Multi-Purpose Cleaner-Degreaser and Glass, Tile and More formula. Menard’s now has the product listed on its website, offering the product direct to customers via online. Order today by clicking here!

“We are very grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to partner with Menard’s. This was one of our long term goals for our company and for Extreme Kleaner, and we have found working with the Menard’s Team to be very helpful and knowledgeable,” commented Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., the parent company of Extreme Kleaner.

“For 2017, we are in the process of organizing another Extreme Kleaner Tour of Stores, which will now include stops and promotional awareness at selected Menard’s locations,” added Burlum.

The Extreme Energy Solutions Extreme Kleaner Sales and Promotions Team will be dispatched over the road to and throughout the Midwest, delivering the message of how important it is to support your local family owned business, while introducing new environmentally friendly and sustainable products, that are “Made in the USA,” to be available to consumers via local partnered retailers.

Last year’s Extreme Kleaner Tour of Stores brought the Extreme Kleaner team to over fifty (50) independently owned retailer locations throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Illinois, and made brief appearances in Oregon before heading back to the East Coast. With so many Menard’s locations, Extreme will have to expand its staff to accommodate a larger version of the 2016 Tour of Stores Campaign.

Extreme Kleaner is a non-toxic biodegradable cleaner-degreaser manufactured in the United States, which originates from the Garden State, where it is packaged for consumers around the nation. Extreme Kleaner was first offered online, advertised and sold on Amazon. In 2013, local retailers began to offer the green cleaner in the Northeast. By year end of 2015, Extreme Kleaner was made available in other hardware chains, auto parts stores, and food stores coast to coast at selected locations in selected states. 2016 brought so many new opportunities for the product to be made available to more consumers including the launch of Extreme Kleaner in both a number of co-ops and larger big box retailers. 2017 opens with the launch of Extreme Kleaner in Menard’s.

Extreme Kleaner is now available in a number of selected independently owned retailer locations nationwide, including many hardware stores, auto parts stores, grocery markets, and variety stores. Brand stores that now offer Extreme Kleaner include: Hardware Hank’s; Trustworthy Hardware, Golden Rule Lumber, Ranch and Pet Supply, other stores affiliated with United Hardware, selected NAPA Auto Parts, selected Ace Hardware stores, selected True Value Hardware stores, stores affiliated with C&S Wholesale Grocers, and now Menard’s.

Extreme Kleaner has a heavy following of commercial clients that purchase Extreme Kleaner direct from the company, including Arrow Fastener, ETI, and TUC Management.

A portion of every sale of Extreme Kleaner is dedicated toward assisting local and/or regional causes. Former causes which received the benefit of this initiative include Project Help, a cause aimed at helping to eradicate Veteran Homelessness; STEM Education, the performing arts, and non-profit educational forums for environmental and economic sustainability. The product’s parent company, Extreme Energy Solutions has also helped sponsor local 5k runs for many good causes.

Extreme Kleaner is the proud sponsor of the #92 Sportsman Modified and Veteran driver Tommy Vigh Jr.  Extreme Kleaner has also made major inroads within the racing community, where more racing teams in the Northeast prefer Extreme Kleaner to deal with caked on dirt and grime after hard nights of door to door competition.

Extreme Kleaner has been the focus of many positive press write-ups and media publications including, but not limited to, being spotlighted in Natural Awakenings Magazine, featured on Today in America, and on Central Valley Talk. Extreme Kleaner representatives have been seen at commercial/wholesale buying markets around the country related to hardware chain co-ops.

Extreme Kleaner has recently launched its new website, http://www.extremekleaner.com/where-to-buy/ which provides all of the locations of the partnered retailers which now offer this product.

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